Lori Anne Parker-Danley: Tangled Earth

February 17 to March 28, 2014
SKyPAC’s Capitol Houchens Gallery
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Composed of recent paintings, sculptures, and installation art, Tangled Earth reflects Lori Anne Parker-Danley’s interest in the relationships between art, bodies, language, memory, nature, and time. An exhibition in which books become sunflowers, shoes seem to grow from the earth, and objects are more complex than their surfaces might initially reveal, Tangled Earth disrupts the boundaries we may be tempted to construct between biology and culture, nature and artifice, and human and animal. Works in the exhibition are made of various materials, including aluminum, encaustic, oil paint, paper, plaster, and even recycled shoes and plastic bags.

(My heartfelt gratitude and thank you to Vanderbilt University’s Curb Creative Campus for their sponsorship, which made much of this show possible. “Hatchlings,” “Jamais Vu,” and “Venus Unfurled” were all created with the center’s financial support and in conjunction with my 21st Century Memory and Longing Project, a 2013-14 Curb Innovation Grant project, which will be on view at Vanderbilt during the Fall of 2014.)
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  1. These are both fascinating and beautiful. I love the energy you’ve given the flying books, especially juxtaposed with the books grounding the flowers!

  2. What a remarkable rebirth of ordinary materials and how artistically unique and expressive. Everything has such a passionate, haunting and lyrical flow!

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