Call for Photographs from the Vanderbilt University Community–including Patients and their Families

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A call for photographs from the Vanderbilt University Community, including Medical Center Patients and their Families

Submit your images of memory and longing to The 21st Century Memory and Longing Project

Deadline: December 31, 2013

The 21st Century Memory and Longing Project, a Curb Creative Campus Initiative and public art project exploring the relationship between memory and longing, invites members of the Vanderbilt community, including faculty, staff, and students, as well as medical center patients and their families, to submit images for possible inclusion in an art installation that will be on view on the Vanderbilt campus in Spring 2014.

The installation will combine elements of visual art, poetry, technology, and sound. One component of the installation will be a pair of sculptures: Images of Things Remembered and Images of Things Longed For. Potential contributors are encouraged to think about the memories and longings that are most important to them, consider how to best represent or capture these memories and longings in photographic form, and then submit these images to the project. They should feel free to interpret “things remembered” and “things longed for” freely—taking into consideration what memory and longing mean to them and how they relate to and affect their own lives. Memories might be good or bad or even hazy. Longings may be for things remembered, things imagined, or even things never known. We are especially interested in images related to sickness, health, medical treatment, and hospitalization as well as what it means to be a patient, caregiver, or friend to someone suffering and how these experiences redefine the way a person understands his or her body and life. Selected images will be incorporated into the two sculptures.

Submission Guidelines:

    • You may submit images to both categories: Images of Things Remembered and Images of Things Longed For.
    • Submit no more than two images per category (four images in all).
    • Submit Images of Things Remembered to:
    • Submit Images of Things Longed For to:
    • Submit your images as highquality jpegs no larger than 2mb each.
    • Include your name, contact email, and your relationship with the university (student, faculty, staff, patient, family of patient) in your email (or emails if you submit images to both category).
    • By submitting your images, you give the artist one-time permission to use your images in the project and you also agree that you own the images and the rights to the images that you are sending. You also understand that the artist may crop or otherwise slightly modify your images as the project requires.
    • Images of images, images of personal artwork, texts, colors, and ideas, in addition to images of “concrete” people, places, and things are welcome.
    • Submission Deadline: Midnight, December 31, 2013


Learn more:

Led by artist and writer Lori Anne Parker-Danley (an editor in the Patient Education department at VUMC), The 21st Century Memory and Longing Project was born out of Lori Anne’s interest in the relationship between memory and longing—how people express, write, document, represent, memorialize, and pay tribute to their memories and desires; how memory is often a burden or a weight one must continually negotiate in order to move forward or move at all; how memory demands reflection; and how past events and traumas (personal, shared, social, political, human, animal) and hopes for the future impact people’s lives, including their identities, relationships, jobs, interests, plans, and commitments, as well as the ways they live, react, make choices, come together, split apart, love, and understand themselves/their place as humans in the world.

In collaboration with the Curb Center and the Vanderbilt University community, one of Lori Anne’s goals for The 21st Century Memory and Longing Project is to create occasions for unexpected and spontaneous encounters and conversations (with art and each other) on the Vanderbilt campus, including a public and aesthetic dialogue among community members’ own memories and longings in the form of the two sculptures that will be created out of submitted images: Memories of Things Remembered and Memories of Things Longed For.

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